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Portable Intruder Detection System 2020-GSM

The portable 2020-GSM intruder detection system offers long-range transmission of alarm messages via the GSM network to a phone. The 2020 Detector consists of a high quality 20 metre fan infrared detector and tamper vibration sensor coupled to a GSM autodialler powered by an internal 12 Volt rechargeable battery with a 4 week operational period. A switch-selectable walk test beeper can be used for system testing or as an audible deterrent to intruders. When the sensor detects an intruder the GSM autodialler is triggered and a message is sent to a fixed or mobile phone. Caller ID is used at the receiving phone to identify the location of the alarm. The receiving phone can then "listen in" to the internal microphone to verify the alarm condition.

A security guard on patrol can be alerted that unauthorised intrusion into a protected building or area has occurred. Not only will he be informed of an alarm, he will be told exactly where the intrusion has occurred and be able to react instantly. The 2020 system provides a flexible and cost effective means of intruder detection, enhancing the efficiency of security personnel.
TEL 01437 563900
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