gsm alarm
TEL 01437 563900


DETECTOR Detection method - passive infra-red 40 by 2.5 metres or 20 by 20 metres
Creep zone detection
RFI - No alarm at 25 volts/metre (100 MHz to 1.2 GHz)
EMI - No alarm at 40,000 volts charge
Sunlight - No alarm at 40,000 Lx reflected into detector
White light - No alarm against halogen light within 3.0 metres
Walk test / alert beeper
Target detect at velocities 0.3 to 5 m/s
RADIO TRANSMITTER Radio transmitter - type approved to MPT 1329
Transmitter power - 500 mW
Frequency band - 458 MHz Band
Radio range - Up to 1 mile with standard antennae
Dipole available for long range
Messages - Alarm, Tamper, Low Bat, Test Call
BATTERY Battery type - 1.2 Amp Hr, 12 volt rechargeable SLA
Operating time - Typically 4 weeks
On / off keyswitch
Connector for battery charging
Easy battery removal for exchange with spare charged battery
MECHANICAL Temperature range - -10C to +60C
Mechanical - Glass reinforced polycarbonate
Weight - 2 Kg
Dimensions: 254x180x111mm
Radio receiver to MPT 1329,1361
458 MHz band
Receives from up to eight Watchposts
8 zone expansion units available
ALarm, tamper, low battery messages displayed
Test calls checked
Missing test call alert
Range up to 1 mile with standard antenna
Up to 3 miles with half wave di-pole antenna
Battery or mains powered option with backup
Rechargeable sealed lead acid 12 volt 1.2 AHr
Battery charger
Individual relay outputs available as option
Pager transmitter and autodialler accessories
MESSAGE PAGER 32 character alpha - numeric display
Alerting tone
4 beep types
Time - tagged messages
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