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GSM SMS Alarm Receiver / Display Unit

The GSM SMS Alarm Receiver receives SMS Alarm messages from properties fitted with GSM Alarms.
When it receives an SMS alarm message, the GSM Alarm Receiver will display the SMS on the LCD, together with the Owner's address, name and telephone number.

All of the alarm events are logged and saved into memory. There is a USB port, the Owner information can be uploaded to the GSM Alarm Receiver, and the Logs can be downloading to a Computer through a PC Programmer.

The GSM Alarm Receiver has a Speaker and a Microphone, It can be used to call the alarm unit at the property for two-way voice communication or listen-in for audio alarm verification.

The GSM Alarm Receiver has an internal backup battery, so that if the mains power fails, the backup battery will work for 12 hours.

The GSM Alarm Receiver has a siren output, once the GSM Alarm Receiver receives an alarm it will operate the siren for 240 Seconds. The siren can be reset by pressing the Stop button on the Keyboard.

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