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Wireless Alarm System ( Class 6)

This system conforms to NACOSS Class 6 requirements with supervisory transmission and operates at a frequency of 173.225 MHz. All transmitters are supplied with batteries. The control Panel requires a 12V 1.2 Ahr sealed lead acid battery

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No unsightly wires.

System can be added to as requirements change.

8 programmable zones + fire + PA zones.

Outputs for autodialler, self actuating or self contained bell / siren.

Low battery and tamper indication by zone.

User changeable PIN number.

All detectors have a unique factory set code.

Conforms to Class 6 and MPT1344 ( VHF 173.225 MHz )

Interchangeable PIR lenses

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System Components and Options


General purpose pulse count PIR with 90 degree 12 metre protection. Walk test LED, tilt facility offering a choice of mounting heights and locations.

Lens pack converts PIR to one of the following 10 metre 90 degree horizontal curtain, 10 metre 90 degree vertical curtain, 25 metre corridor with creep zones.

Door contact transmitter

Inertia contact transmitter

Remote keypad

Smoke detector

3 button remote control



Sealed lead acid battery 12V 2.1Ahr

CR2032 3V Lithium battery

Bell box


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