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Simply attach Jitterbug to the asset that you wish to monitor and arm the device. It will notify you by SMS if your asset is being tampered with. Then you can phone back and use the microphone to listen to what is happening.

Small, rugged, water resistant case (IP65) measuring just 180 x 85 x 57 mm and weighs only 150g.

Internal tilt and tremble sensors.  The sensitivity of the tremble sensor can be manually configured.

Mic onboard, which can be used for surveillance purposes.

Powered by either a Lithium-ion battery or by an external 12V DC Power Input.

Uses the GSM mobile network and includes a GSM antenna.

LED indicates the status and operation of the unit.

Push button  for manual arm/disarm.

Low battery and external power lost detection.

Ultra-low quiescent current draw. 

Battery life greater than 1 year between charges in low power mode

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