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Lone Worker Transmitter



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Radio message sent to pager / receiver when panic button pressed, non-movement or hostile attack

Ergonomic hi-impact casing

Backlit two digit display with function icons
Two trigger keys providing both dual & single activation modes
Password protected programmable functions
Snatch lanyard for automatic signalling in hostile attack
Programmable motion sensing with multiple user alert options.
Rapid intelligent charger unit for hi-power metal hydride batteries
Custom leather holster with spring clip or swivel mount
Can signal direct to pagers or to fixed receivers
Programming kit available

The two trigger keys which provide 3 activation modes (A, B, A+B). can be programmed to send individual text alarms.
A snatch lanyard, which plugs into the bottom of the unit, provides automatic emergency signalling if the unit is forcibly wrenched from the wearer.
A programmable motion sensing accelerometer recognises horizontal, vertical and angular tilt and will not start its countdown sequence until programmed criteria are met.
The countdown sequence can initiate a warning beeper to alert the user of an imminent alarm call allowing the unit to be reset if so desired.
The audible beeper provides confirmation tones to various parameter changes. Operational modes are selected by the up/down keys located next to the LCD display.

Test or “heartbeat” transmissions can be programmed as required and battery level can also be transmitted for remote monitoring. The transmitter is powered by a (NiMh) battery pack which provides up to 7 days service between charges. An intelligent slot-in charger allows rapid re-charging in less than 1 hour.

Lone Working Protection and Safety

The Lone Worker Alarm / Man down alarm is ideal for many applications to protect staff who have to work alone, security personnel and for health and safety applications. The Lone Worker alarm transmitter is worn on belt or pocket and held securely with a belt clip. It transmits an alarm message when the panic button is pressed. The transmitter also contains a movement detector so that an alarm message is transmitted automatically if the person has not moved for a preset time after warning beeps.

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Lone Worker Alarm System

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